A Lead is an unqualified contact that can be generated from some form of marketing source or event. For example: A person filled a form on your website or you meet him in a event or any other form. Once a Lead is converted it can be split into three parts as below:

  1. Contact once you have established ‘Who’ it is
  2. Account when you know ‘Where’ they work
  3. Opportunity once it is known ‘What’ they might buy

Leads can be duplicated, merged, deleted, created, viewed & Imported in LogiCRM. A Lead can be converted to Account on a click of a button.


Accounts will hold all the data of various activities done by your sales executives with that company. Account can associated with Contacts, Opportunity, Activities, Email, Meetings, etc. Account will be a company that can be a customer, supplier, dealers, distributor, reseller where your executives will do all their field work to convert them into customers.
Accounts can be duplicated, merged, deleted, created, viewed & Imported in LogiCRM.


A Contact is an individual who is related with an Account or Opportunity. For example if ABC is the Account, then Varun Jain, Sales Manager of ABC is the Contact. This module holds all information relating to these individuals and also provides history relating to a Contact record, for example if they were involved in a Meeting, raised a call or sent an Email.
Contact can be duplicated, merged, deleted, created, viewed & Imported in LogiCRM.


Activities can be split in to two types Meetings and Calls. The Calls in LogiCRM allows Users to schedule and log a record of inbound and outbound calls that they wear part off and The Meetings module allows Users to create a record of any Meeting that they have been involved in. Both Calls and meetings can be scheduled in LogiCRM with invite attendees, email invitees, set reminders, reschedule and relate to other modules. This helps Users plan and organize their time in field.
Meetings can be duplicated, merged, deleted, scheduled, viewed & imported
Calls can be duplicated, merged, deleted, logged, viewed & imported


Tasks are useful way of assigning a task to someone in own company and tracking it to closure. For Example: A User wants to send a sample to the prospective client, a Task can be created as “Sample to Send” with assigned date and time and assigned to specific User who will complete it. The same will appear on that Users dashboard.
Tasks can be duplicated, merged, deleted, logged, viewed & imported


The Calendar in LogiCRM allows you to manage your time by scheduling Meetings, Calls and Tasks across all leads or accounts. Users have flexibility to share their Calendar with their reporting managers so they can help them to schedule their upcoming activities efficiently.
Calendar can help to Schedule Meetings, Schedule Calls, Create Task & shows plan for Today


The Emails module in LogiCRM allows Users to view, store, compose, send and receive email from their own personal email account or a shared inbox.
Emails templates can be defined to send standard responses and notifications via email. Email templates can be personalized based on variables
Email Templates can be created, viewed & edited.


The Notes in LogiCRM is used to keep a record of any information that a User might want to keep related to Account, Contact, Lead, etc.
Notes can be created, viewed & imported.


The Documents are used as a repository bucket for Customer issued or internal files. These documents can be relating to a Lead, Account or Contact.
Documents can be uploaded, revised and downloaded.

Advanced Features


Sales module allows managing the Post-Opportunity Sales processes such as Quoting, Invoicing and recurring Contracting. This functionality covers below:
a. Product Categories
b. Products
c. PDF Templates
d. Quotations
e. Invoices
f. Contracts

Emails and SMS

Email template setting and management as per organization needs. Automatically receive and send scheduled meeting, calls, task details through SMS and email to all the participants in the activities.


Opportunity – Last Activity date
Opportunity – Sample To Send
Quote Awaiting Approval Quotes
Account – Type Report
Opportunity – Lost
Opportunity – Won
Expected Business in Next N Months
Pipeline Value Opportunities
Activity – Task Scheduled
Activity – Meeting Scheduled
Activity – Calls Scheduled
Opportunity – Created New
Leads – Converted to Account
Leads – Sample To Send
Any Custom Report can be added to the CRM based on the needs

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